Sausage Making Supplies

Zup’s Jerky Seasoning

This is the same Jerky Seasoning we use for the Zup’s Beef Jerky. $7.00 per pound and seasons approximately 30 lbs.meat. Can be used in smokers or if you add liquid smoke can be used in dehydrators.

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Beef Sticks Casing (Edible Collagen)

$4.50/ea.soft strand approx. 8# capacity

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Bf Rounds 43 – 46 mm

$19.00 per bunch.  The casings are dry salted and must be rinsed and flushed before use.  About 70 lb per bunch.

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Curing Salt

Great for salt curing fish or making smoked sausage.  This is what Zup’s uses in all of  it’s recipes. $3.00 per pound

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Hog Casings 33 – 36 mm

$28.00/bunch approx. 100# capacity

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Hog Stomachs 6 – 8 #

$6.50/each. approx. 8# capacity

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Sheep Casings 24 – 26 mm

$42.00 per bunch.  These are plastic tubed casings.  Really nice casing.

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Smoking Sawdust Assorted Hardwoods

This smoking sawdust is what Zup’s use for all there smoking needs.  From the Hot Bologna to the Polish it is what we used for the past 50 years.  It is a Hickory Hardwood mix that has great smoke flavor.  3 pound bag for $7.00

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